Uncertain Systems

This is a page where I keep track of all the thigs Quantum that I work on. This includes, puzzles, written chat notes, maybe links to vids. We'll see.

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Welcome to the new uncertainsystems webpage.

Keep calm and wait as we build things up and migrate away from the old stuff.

Chat Notes

A Computational Branches Primer

Deutsch Algo With Computational Branches

Phase Kickback And Branching

Level 1 - Amplitude Basics

Goal: Turn the qubits off

Level 2 - Phase Basics

Goal: Flip all the phases back to 0

Level 3 - Interference

Goal: Interfere the qubits off

Level 4 System-level Thinking

Goal: Turn the system to the state with all 0s only by placing gates between the speakers (🔊)

Level 5 - Advanced Controls

Goal: Turn the chance displays off only by placing gates after the volcanoes (🌋). Note that the 🌋 here are just separators and do not hide any quantum secrets.

Level 6 - Entanglement

Goal: Make all the bloch spheres point up!

Level 7 - Parametrizing

Coming Soon…

Level 8 - Crafting Custom Gates

Coming Soon…

Level 9 - Debugging Circuits

Coming Soon…

Level 10 - Broken Algorithms

Additional Rules: I’m asking you to fix this mess! not to reimplement the blacboxes… This is not allowed :)